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Ep 536 ~ He Makes $1 Million per Year w/ his Podcast ~ Andrew Warner

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~ High-Performance & Entrepreneurship ~

He runs one of the top business podcasts in the world that he has been hosting for about a decade. He has over 2000 interviews and is one of the few that has turned his podcast into a very profitable business. Before his podcasting days he founded Bradford & Reed, a company that ran a collection of startups. He built Bradford & Reed into a $30 Million company in his 20’s to the point where they were processing 400k online greeting cards a day and were a top-25 valued website property in the world way back in the year 2000. He got to the point where he was burnt out and sold his company and then he decided to become a podcaster. 

The name of his podcast is Mixergy and it is close to being one of the biggest business podcasts on the planet. Our guest’s name is Andrew Warner. He has interviewed top entrepreneurs from all over the world such as the founders of Wikipedia, Groupon, LivingSocial, LinkedIn, Airbnb and many, many more. Today his podcast is a household name throughout the entrepreneur scene and he is on our show to tell us how he did it all! Andrew, welcome to the show!

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  04:16 Who is Andrew Warner?

  06:51 Choosing the Right Platform

  08:51 Andrew’s New Book

  14:01 Andrew Flopping & Recovering During a Podcast Interview

  17:17 The Effect of Hiring Coaches in Andrew’s Life

  21:51 Dissecting Podcasts as a Business

  31:16 Mixergy’s Revenue From Advertising

  37:21 Therapy vs Business Coaches

  39:01 Andrew on Eliminating Friction in His business

  42:31 How Andrew Handles Burnout

  47:31 Reading Ads vs. Conversational Ads

  53:31 What Separates Unicorn Founders From Everyone Else?

  57:36 Andrew’s Favorite Entrepreneurs and Podcasts

  59:11 A Trick to Grow Your Podcast

1:01:31 How to Support Andrew

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