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Ep.410 ~ Do You Really Know if You Have a Healthy Brain? ~ Dr. Andrew Hill

Peak Brain Institute

~ Current Series ~

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Do you really know if you have a healthy brain?  Most of us would like to think so, but how can we really tell? We know if we have a healthy body, we know if we have healthy habits. So why don’t we know if we have healthy brains?  One reason why is because society associates unhealthy brains with mental disorders, and if we don’t have a mental disorder then our brain must be healthy. Right?....Wrong!


We could actually have problems with our brain for years before it shows signs.  Brain health is on the cusp of becoming a really big movement and Dr. Andrew Hill is one that helping lead that movement.  Another really important benefit of having a healthy brain, is that healthy brains are productive brains, and knowing how your brain is functioning can help you make very small adjustments that can really skyrocket your productivity and the results you create in your business.

Dr. Hill is a neuroscientist, entrepreneur, and biohacking advocate. He holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience from UCLA, and is best known as an expert neurofeedback practitioner and brain fitness coach. With an extensive history working in mental health, and as a university lecturer and researcher, Dr. Hill founded Peak Brain Institute in 2015. Peak Brain Institute is a community-oriented company with a mission to expand understanding and accessibility to brain-hacking technologies. Peak Brain Institute and Andrew’s main focus is to make more brain gyms, where people can learn about and exercise their brain, without it being a mental issue. 


On the show today, we chat in depth with Andrew about how our brains actually operate. We talk about how scanning brains can prevent many mental disorders, flow-states and the effects of alcohol and drugs on our brains. We also discuss the importance of meditation and how it is really changing brains for the better, and we discuss the many benefits people with healthy brains can get by scanning and continuing to exercise the brain regularly. 


   02:06 Who is Andrew Hill?

   04:55 Sleep Training Across Time Zones

   10:16 The Journey to PeakBrain

   12:43 Is my Brain Healthy?

   14:40 Brain Scanning vs Brain Mapping

   21:10 The NeuroFeedback Process

   31:08 Can High-Performers Benefit from NeuroFeedback?

   35:26 Andrew’s Tips on Marketing Automation & Service Delivery

   37:56 A Deep Dive Into Brainwaves & Flow-States

   51:58 How Meditation Affects the Brain

   57:29 Basic Meditation Practice

1:00:24 Effects of Drugs & Alcohol on the Brain

1:06:57 Where to Find PeakBrain


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