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Ep. 271 ~ Using Your Best Talents to Create a 7-Figure Business ~ Andres Zuleta

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~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

Today listeners, we have a friend and another 7-figure location independent entrepreneur joining us from Austin, Texas. His name is Andres Zuleta and he is the founder of Boutique Japan, a high-end luxury travel service that creates amazing trips and experiences for travelers in Japan.  


Today we dig into Andres’ experience starting two businesses that failed and then returning to the 9-5 life. Andres shares about the moment when he realized that he could no longer work for someone else, and made the leap to try his hand at entrepreneurship once again. He also shares the simple tactics he used, and continues to use, to grow Boutique Japan into the incredible business that it is today.



“You shouldn’t be looking for these innovative business ideas necessarily. A lot of times, the best business idea is actually transferring your own skills that you have already validated in the real world, and turning that into a business.”  Andres Zuleta



02:14: Who is Andres Zuleta?

04:44: The Making of a Top Producing Salesperson

07:23: The Four Hour Work Week Enters Andres’ Life

12:43: Boutique Japan

18:39: Hitting 7-Figures in 3 Years

20:26: Starting it All From a Napkin

26:14: Andres’ Content Process

32:54: Building a 7-Figure Service/Events Business

37:29: Tips On Building a 7-Figure Location Independent Business

“A fundamental thing is work with the types of clients that you want to work with.” Andres Zuleta


Honorable Mentions:

‘The Four Hour Work Week’ by Tim Ferriss

The Tropical MBA Podcast

John Lee Dumas, founder of ‘Entrepreneur on Fire’

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