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Ep.428 ~ Understanding Men & Making it a Successful Business ~ Alison Armstrong

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Hello listeners, welcome to the show today. I want to welcome you back to the podcast and introduce another very special guest. Alison Armstrong is our guest today, I actually heard her first speak over six years ago and I was blown away by the content about men and women, and then I started just engulfing myself into her material. I can be a testament that what she teaches changes people's lives because it has been one of the most impactful subjects that I have studied throughout my life and my personal growth process. Alison and what she teaches has absolutely revolutionized the way that I see the world.


Alison’s exploration into understanding the differences between men and women started way back in 1991. She just was curious about why men operated the way that we do, and she wanted to understand the differences between the sexes. She's been studying men for nearly 30 years now, and she has this type of understanding about the sexes, that when men see her speak they actually start to cry, and they do that because they feel more understood than they ever had in their entire lives. What she does is she distinguishes human instincts that compel both men and women to behave in ways that contradict and undermine our own purposes goals and values and needs and relationships. I think there's a few key important things that we don't study in school that are incredibly important. One of those is of course money. The other one is effective communication, and the other one is understanding relationships. These are three things that are essential for people to live a healthy well balanced life. So, I recommend anybody to check out.  


I've made it actually one of my goals to make Allison and her material one of my major studies for the next year. I usually have a few major goals in a year and Allison is in her materials, one of the most important things my priorities for 2020. Throughout the interview, we talk about how she built this passion into an amazing location independent business, starting way back in the 90s. We talk about essential differences between the sexes, why men are operate the way that we do and argument resolution for couples. 


I don't think there's anybody that could listen to this show and not get an incredible amount of value out of it this podcast interview!


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06:01: Starting a Location Independent Business on Accident in 1995

10:30: Who is Alison Armstrong and Why is She On Our Podcast?

17:40: Tips on How the Sexes Can Listen To Each Other Better

32:30: The Five Layers of Protection Men Have About Criticism

44:00: Argument Resolution for Couples

55:00: Turning Alison’s Mission of Understanding Men Into a Business

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Overcoming the challenges of...


  • Finding, sustaining or recovering a romantic relationship

  • Connecting at a deep level with the people who matter to you

  • Experiencing the support, love and appreciation you crave


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