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Ep.210 ~ Internet Marketing Medical Practice & Modern Medicine ~ Alexis Shields


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On today’s episode, Dr. Alexis Shields joins us to talk about the future of modern medicine. Dr. Alexis is a world traveling naturopath with an online business that specializes helping professionals reduce their health risks by monitoring blood work, diet, lifestyle, and supplements.

Modern medicine today is shifting with new developments in health and science happening almost daily. Today, we know more about our food, water, and health than any generation before us and it is a very exciting time for health. Dr. Alexis and I talk about how she started her business as a naturopathic doctor online, why people are afraid of this new school of thought, what type of diet she prefers and monitoring the type of water we drink.

For those of you that want to learn more about health, the future of medicine, and Dr. Alexis check out this episode.

02:30: Alexis’ Background

08:30: How Alexis Grew Her Online Medical Business

14:44: What’s The Difference Between Traditional Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine?

17:00: Why Are People Resistant to Naturopathic Medicine?

21:09: What Type of Diet Does Dr. Alexis Follow?

23:00: The Health Boom

25:37: Alexis on Water Quality

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Clayton Cornell from Spartan Traveler

Paleo Diet

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