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Ep.553 ~ Two Guys in Their 20’s Built a $5 BILLION Self Driving Trucking Company ~ Alex Rodrigues

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~ Interviewing Billionaires, Billion Dollar Founders
& the World's Most Interesting People ~

Our guest is a 26-year old innovator and entrepreneur who is the co-founder of the $5 Billion self-driving semi-truck company in the world, Embark Trucks. His name is Alex Rodrigues and his company Embark is setting a precedent for self-driving semi-truck around the world.

Alex is going to talk with us about building this company and changing the world, one self-driving semi-truck at a time

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04:12    Who is Alex Rodrigues? 

06:23    An Average 26 year old with a Huge Company that's Changing the World

10:08    Robotics World Championship

12:43    Bedtime Business Journal

15:44    The Passion for Creating Value for People

19:02    Alex’s Realization to Build a Business with a Self-Driving Truck

22:09    The 333 Business Idea Philosophy

27:09    Dropping Out of College to Build Something

29:03    Y Combinator Experience

33:52    Setting Business Strategy and Call Bullsh*t

35:29    Maintaining Business Relationships and Friendship

39:21    Embark Trucking  Business Phases

42:40    The Truck Transfer Program

47:30    Alex’s Day-to Day Routine

50:16    The Unique Technology of Embark

55:45    Rule of Thumb when a Successful Company Goes Live in Public

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