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Ep.327 & 328 ~ Europe's Most Followed Social Media Coach ~ Alex Khan


~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

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Hello my fellow entrepreneur and soon-to-be entrepreneurs. In today’s conversation, I am joined by Europe’s Most Followed Social Media Coach Alex Kahn. Alex is quite an impressive entrepreneur starting off working with four different startups helping them become successful. One business TrendU, they accumulated millions of mobile app views per month and 150,000 members using the same technology that the #1 dating app in the world Tinder uses. Alex started his first business Modelome which became Germany’s largest professional model community and received more than 100,000 applications. Alex recently introduced the hashtag #WeKahn that registered over 100 million impressions and touched 13 million people in just nine weeks.


Today Alex and I talk about how he built these companies, how he got 200,000 followers on Periscope and the social media strategies he uses to become one of Europe's top influences. Towards the end of the show, Alex and I chat deeper about the importance of taking digital detoxes, the future of social media, the power and influence that Facebook has, and how the new digital age is taking over paradigms from the past.


Part I:


06:19: Keys to Recognizing Being in the Right Time and the Right Moment for Business

07:03: Who is Alex Khan?

09:46: The Psychology Behind Online Communities

13:06: When it is Time To Monetize Business Relationships and Your Community

17:07: Making a New Company Successful Using Tinder’s Technology

19:15: Alex on Influencer Marketing

20:51: Where are Declining Platforms Like Snapchat and Periscope Headed?

23:54: Growing Your Social Media Platforms


Part II:


02:34: Alex on Facebook and Instagram Strategies

05:04: Alex on Twitter Strategies

06:40: Alex on LinkedIn

07:57: The Next 10-Years of Social Media

11:09: The Importance of Digital Detoxes

16:45: Chris and Alex Talk the Future of Technology and Social Media


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