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Ep.440 ~ Making Amazon Millionaires from Romania ~ Alex Huditan

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100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

Alex Huditan, or Hudi as his friends call him is on the mic today to talk about how he became a millionaire on Amazon from Romania and how he has help many other Romanians become millionaires also.


Alex has completely changed his life since 2014 and personal beliefs about money over the past few years, switching from corporate to running a business from a deck chair in a tropical country and running his 7-figure business that he works on only four hours per MONTH!  


Alex and his friends found a perfect business model and strategy that helped him succeed on Amazon. It worked so well that Alex and his friends decided to help other Romanians share in the success now teaching their method to others. Alex has mentored over 500 launches, sold over $4,000,000 and now runs a community of Amazon sellers with over 3,000 people. 

   02:36: Who is Alex Huditan?

   22:07: Building a Business Mastermind

   29:20: 5 To The Power of 5- Amazon Strategy

   35:56: Tips on Building an Entrepreneurial Mindset

   50:45: Lifestyle Design Through Trial & Error

1:03:06: Where to Find Alex Huditan

Contact Info:


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