Ep.170 ~ Will it Scale? Moving a 7-Figure Service Based Business to Productized Services ~ Ajay Paghdal

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“The company is going to function, on how the leadership sets up the company to function.”

Ajay Paghdal

On this episode, we have Ajay Paghdal the co-founder of Outreach Mama and Youth Noise on the show. Ajay and his partner have built a 7-figure web development agency. He shares with us his story of building the service-based business into what it is today, and why they decided to move into productized services as a more scalable option.

On the show, Ajay shares some great insight on building and warming a cold market, simplifying black, white and gray hat SEO, and business systemization for 6-figure and 7 figure businesses. Then we will wrap up the episode with leadership lessons from a 7-figure entrepreneur.

“Overall I am a huge proponent on business systemization. I think working ‘on’ your business and not ‘in’ your business is very important.” Ajay Paghdal

04:20: Ajay on Cold Outreach

06:43: Value Propositions for Cold Funnels

09:54: SEO in 2017

10:37: How to Tell if Your Agency is Using Black Hat, Grey Hat, and White Hat SEO

15:35: Ajay on Market Automation

18:11: Business Systemization ~ 6-Figure vs 7-Figure Mentalities

25:15: Leadership Lessons from a 7-Figure Entrepreneur

“Cold outreach is like that mythical creature you have to conquer in order to start scaling your agency.” Ajay Paghdal

Honorable Mentions:

‘Built to Sell’ by John Warrillow

Productize Course with Brian Casle

“Getting $0 to $10,000 a month was the hardest thing we had to do.” Ajay Paghdal

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