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Ep.394 ~ Influencer Marketing and 1,000,000 Instagram Followers ~ Adi Arezzini

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~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

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Hey listeners welcome to The Business Method Podcast. I am your host Chris Reynolds and we are currently interviewing 100 major influences on our show with my co-host Noah Laith to get behind the minds, the tools and the methods it takes to build major influence in business and handling it in a positive way.


Today on the show, the founder and CEO of TeaMi Blends, Adi Arezzini is joining us to talk business and influence.  Adi started this company from her mother's bedroom and has grown TeaMi to a multi-million dollar brand. One of the ways she did it was influencer marketing.  Currently, Adi and her team work with 1500 influencers a month and have grown their Instagram follow up to nearly 1,000,000 followers.


Throughout the interview, Adi shares with us how she grew her following using influencer marketing, how she managed the massive growth and how her and the TeaMi team manage working with so many influencers.  We also chat with her about health today, and how her own challenges with gut health and digestion has inspired her to help millions around the world with their own health.


02:48: Adi on Balancing Health, Work, & Lifestyle

05:33: Staying Productive on Days w/ Less Sleep

07:23: Who is Adi Arezzini and Gut Health

13:33: Understanding Detoxing

15:58: Educating Your Followers/Potential Clients

17:33: Toxins in Your Body

21:18: Simple Communication for Marketing & Growing an Audience

24:03: Managing a Multi-Million Dollar Brand

26:33: Finding People on the Same Mission as You

28:53: Adi’s Best Practices for Connecting w/ Influencers

34:53: 1,000,000 Followers on Instagram

41:28: Being a Mentor for Her Employees

45:08: Having the Hard Conversations w/ Your Team

51:23: The Future of the Health Industry


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