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Ep.275 ~ SEO in 2018 ~ Adam Clarke

~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

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Hello entrepreneurs, soon to be entrepreneurs, founders, influencers, digital nomads, thought leaders and people looking to get out there, grow business, scale rapidly and change the world, welcome to the show! Today we have a special guest who just happens to join us because of a random meeting with his roommate. A few weeks ago we interviewed JF Brou, JF mentioned after the show that his roommate was one of the top SEO specialists in the world and recommended we interview him. So we did and voilà...Adam Clarke’s episode is here!

Adam is the author of a best selling SEO book on Amazon for the past five years. He started a digital marketing agency over seven years ago in Australia and built it into a very successful business. He has achieved over one thousand #1 listings in Google for customers and grew an online store from $20,000/month to $600,000/month in just three years. He recently released his new book SEO 2018 and today on the show we get behind the mind of another SEO master. He will share some of his best tips on scaling your business using SEO, some email marketing tips and share what exactly Google is looking for to rank a website. Towards the end of the show, Adam shares what the future of SEO looks like.  If you need some insight into ranking better online and getting many more visitors to your site, check out this episode.

“Between 60% - 70% of websites are getting all of their traffic from mobile.” Adam Clarke

05:07: Why Adam Chooses Chiang Mai as a Successful Entrepreneur

09:58: Differences Between SEO’s at the Top of Their Game

10:57: Who is Adam Clarke? He Grew an Online Store from $20,000/month to $600,000/month in 3 years

13:22: What Does SEO Look Like for 2018?

16:36: Using SEO to Scale from 5-Figure to 6-Figure or 6-Figure to 7-Figure

19:51: Adam on Email Marketing Schedule and Why He Prefers Sending to His List 2-3 Times/Week

21:46: Insight on How Businesses Can Help SEO Rankings

26:37: Main Things That Google is Looking For in Their Algorithm.

  1. Facebook Activity

  2. Backlinks

  3. Https:// SSL Certificate

  4. User Activity / How people are behaving on your website.

  5. Bounce Rates

  6. Content Relevance​

21:26: The Next 5 Years For SEO

35:07: Using Social Media to Multiply Results

“There are two things you should do if you don’t want to get wiped out by a Google update. The first one is, don’t rely on one tactic….and number two is, you always have to stay up to date with the current SEO best practices.” Adam Clarke

Honorable Mentions:

JF Brou

SEO 2018 by Adam Clarke

Matt Diggity

Gary Illyes, spokesman for Google

Noah Kagan

Russell Brunson

Uber Suggest

Contact Info:

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