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Ep. 187 ~ Investing in Colombia, Specialized Investment Vehicles, Foreign Trusts and Asset Protection for Location Independent Entrepreneurs ~ Vincenzo Villamena

Dollar Bills

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100 Interviews in 100 Days with 100 Entrepreneurs That Have Built $100,000+ Businesses

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On the show today we are welcoming Vincenzo Villamena to the show. Vincenzo is the founder of, a company that handles taxes, trusts, estates and investing for US Expats, entrepreneurs, retirees and digital nomads. Vincenzo tells us his story of how he left a high-paying corporate accounting job in New York and headed to Argentina to start a new life and embrace some culture and adventure.  He started as an accountant online and after a few years built Online Taxman into what it is today.

During the show, Vincenzo shares with us about his experience investing in Medellin, Colombia. He talks about investing opportunities in Brazil and Colombia and the places he would spend an extra $100,000. We then talk about some lesser-known investment vehicles, foreign trusts. and asset protection for location independent entrepreneurs.

01:24: Medellin, Colombia

10:15: Real Estate Investing in Latin America

11:40: What Vincenzo Would Invest in with an Extra $100,000

13:45: Is it Difficult for a Foreigner to Invest in Colombia?

14:57: Self-Directed IRA’s

20:17: Asset Protection for Location Independent Entrepreneurs

28:29: Vincenzo on Foreign Trusts


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