Double Your Productivity in Two Weeks

Online Course

The Online Course That Will Take Your Productivity from 100%-200% for Years to Come

What would it be like if you knew you could double your productivity in just two weeks and during that time develop the habits that you will keep for years to come?


And I’m not talking about flaking hacks that we all know but don’t often stick to.... 


I am talking about something that will revolutionize the way you see the way you operate and your both long-term and short-term productivity results. 


This Double Your Productivity in Two Weeks Course will help you create the habits that will take your productivity to the next level. Your productivity levels will be highly impacted for the better.


And there is a great reason I called it ‘Double Your Productivity’! 


Because all to often people make claims how you can 10x, 50x, 500x your productivity with just one simple hack....


...but the truth is, most people that try that hack won’t use it more than a few days. Then they try another, and another, and another.


Doubling your productivity is taking your output from 100% to 200%.


That is a massive change, and this course is designed specifically for you to develop long-term habits and a long-term perspective on how to see what you do on a daily basis.


It will change everything for you 1 month, 1 year, 1 decade from now. It will change the way you see productivity, the way you see how you operate and the way you see life. 


It is a myth that everyone has the same 365 days in a year, 7 days in a week and 24 hours in a day.


We see these "high-performers" use different productivity hacks, but they also know that it’s not the hacks that make them successful. It is the mindset and the way that they see the world. 


The first time I did the main exercise in this course, I woke up to something that shocked me. I was literally wasting 3 hours a day on useless stuff. For three hours every work day, I was dedicating to activities that did not serve me, my goals, my business, my dreams, my happiness, or my success….3 HOURS!!!! 


Three hours a day, is 15 hours a week, 60 hours a month, 720 hours a year….720 hours a year is equal to 30 days…..1 month!  I was wasting 1 month a year. That was a huge shock to my brain! 


I knew if I wanted to be a high-performer, I would have to see those 3 hours differently. I would have to use those three hours for activities that made life, business, success, and everything better. 


This isn’t a course to do more….it is to see how you operate differently, and if you dedicate yourself to this course, and the work involved in the two weeks, you will see drastic changes in the way you spend time that will change your life for the better forever!


Here is what you will get when you take this course….

  • Discover your potential with this course. 

  • See where you literally are wasting tens of hours per week that you can use to be more effective. 

  • Boost your productivity levels and learn a method that will affect you for years to come. 

  • Work less and get more done

  • Magnify your good regular habits and double down on them. 

  • Minimize your bad habits

  • Get an accurate picture of how you are spending your time….spoiler alert…you think you know, but most likely you will be incredibly surprise how much time you spend on things that do not serve you. 

  • Organize your time and your life. 

  • Much more productive time management

  • Maximize your focus

  • Life shifting awareness

  • It is like putting a microscope under on how you spend your time. 

  • Learn a method that you can use for years that will constantly help you 2x, 3x, 4x your productivity. 

  • At least double your productivity, maybe even more!

This course is about improving your ability to see the missing parts that are holding you back from your full potential.


If you cannot learn to see your weaknesses, you will just keep overwhelming yourself over and over again.


We will give you one of the most powerful techniques for productivity and high performance that you can use for years to come. We will go far beyond the basic productivity hacks that usually don’t last more than a week in your regular routine.


This is a life altering 2-week process that puts your life and daily habits under a microscope. You will learn how to see yourself and the world differently and it will massive increase your productivity levels. 


The end result….


You will increase your productivity by100%, your measure your daily activities. It's like putting your everyday habits under a microscope. It will give you the awareness to make that changes you need so you can shift your time and energy to make a massive impact on your productivity, results and lifestyle. 




"The best part was the accountability factor. There was a strong focus on making things happen here." Matt Nguyen, Co-Founder of TeleFuel


My experience has been awesome. It has been some of the most productive time I have had in a long time....just the structure is pretty amazing. It has been a real driver for me to get things done!" Derek Pankeaw founder of Flexr Travel Pullup Bar


Loved it and got a lot of shit done!


"I really needed to focus and make sure I did get this shit done.. I think this type of learning is really important" Matt Kowalak, founder of High Cappin and Agile Travel Bag


"It has been very exciting for me because now I'm ready to engage!" Matt Kowalak, founder of High Cappin and Agile Travel Bag


"I'm like productivity theorist, but my implementation sucks! I try hacks all the time, but usually they don't last 24 hours. But, given the support and the structure I was really able to stick to the framework of being productive, and that produced enormous results for me." Andy Steven, co-founder of High-Voltage SEO and Page Optimizer


"Most important is setting tangible goals and make sure you set smaller goals to work towards the bigger goals." Harry Coleman eComm Millionaire and Founder of Beasts of eCom


"When you truly buckle down, sometimes you don't realize how quickly things will get done. I wanted to create an evergreen offer for my email marketing. I had been putting it off for literally a year and it took 4-hours to get it done." Ben Dzluzski, founder of WOD Prep


How much money have you left on the table by not telling yourself, 'I am going to sit down and get this done at all costs and remove all distractions." Ben Dzluzski, founder of WOD Prep


I got many great positive outcomes from this. I learnt a lot about myself and the way I operate. I was able to take decisive directions that will have an impact on the upcoming months and years. Thanks for this! Aakash Bansal

Double Your Productivity in Two Weeks

Online Course

The Online Course That Will Take Your Productivity from 100%-200% for Years to Come

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