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Ep.303 ~ Beating Tim Ferriss and Tony Robbins on iTunes ~ Trevor Chapman

~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

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Welcome back to the show listeners we are very glad you joined us today.  Today, on the mic I am humbled and honored to introduce Trevor Chapman to the show. Trevor is the is the founder and host of The Trevor Chapman Show which currently ranks #1 on iTunes Business Podcasts. I got the opportunity to meet Trevor a few weeks ago after a presentation he gave and listening to him was absolutely incredible. I honestly can say I will never forget his speech.  Today we get to speak with Trevor about getting his podcast to the top of iTunes in less than two months. Trevor also shares about building his multimillion-dollar business, gaining a winners mentality and the importance of being a good father and a high-achieving entrepreneur.


“I speak a lot about taking advice with people you would trade places with, and not taking advice with people you would not trade places with.” Trevor Chapman



00:00: Hangin’ On an Island with Trevor and a Bunch of High Achieving Entrepreneurs

02:11: Trevor’s 12 Years of Door-to-Door Experience

04:21: Controlling Your State of Mind for a Prolonged Time

10:29: Future Prediction for Entrepreneurship

12:07: Rapidly Ranking His Podcast on iTunes

21:20: Trevor’s Thoughts on the Winners Mentality

25:59: Taking Children on a Rite of Passage Trip

34:17: Tips for Entrepreneurs in the Hustle


“Elon Musk is who he his for one thing and one thing only….results!” Trevor Chapman


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