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Ep.139 ~ The Serial Non-Profit Entrepreneur ~ Scott Englund

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100 Interviews in 100 Days with 100 Entrepreneurs That Have Built $100,000+ Businesses

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“I can help others with what I selfishly love the most. You put that all together and it is a match made in heaven and I love it!” Scott Englund

Today listeners, we have Scott England on the show.  Scott is a serial non-profit entrepreneur. Scott’s main project these days is MotoMission. But this man’s story is way too interesting to just talk about one of his businesses. 

After working to build markets for a large financial company and the global crisis of 2009, Scott decided to leave it all behind and take himself and his family to Peru to focus on his passion of serving others. In 2009 Scott, his wife and his two young daughters moved to Peru to do charity work. While he was there, the entrepreneur in him, couldn’t stop thinking of ways to build businesses that gave 100% of their money to charity. Fast forward to today, Scott has built multiple businesses in Peru that give all of their money to different charities that Scott and his family work with personally.


Today, we are going to chat about what it took for Scott to leave his home, his successful career, and family behind to fulfill a bigger dream of being a serial non-profit entrepreneur in a country he had never been to before. This is Scott’s story….

“I find people that want what I love to do, and we do it all together” Scott England

Honorable Mentions:

The Meeting Place Cafe

The Altivas Canas Children’s Project (Tikary)

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