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Ep.386 ~ Influence From Someone Who Sold 5000 Houses in a Year ~ Rock Thomas

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100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

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Influence is an interesting aspect of being an entrepreneur. As each person climbs the ladder of success, their influence is bound to grow. How we manage that influence will say a lot about our character and help or hinder our continued growth. Today, on the podcast we are joined by Rock Thomas. Rock a person that has built a considerable amount of influence over the years from becoming one of the top 50 realtors in the world selling over 5000 houses in a year. He has spoken and worked with some of the most famous entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the world, had his speeches and videos viewed over 55 million times and built 34 streams of income.


Throughout the show, Rock and I chat about the influence he has achieved and how he maintains it in the good times and not-so-good times. Rock’s underlying message is, “Influence begins with influencing self”.


02:58: Managing Energy Levels and Daily Routine

05:32: Transferring Past Pain to Create the Result you Desire

08:52: Who is Rock Thomas?

14:10: Ways to Increase the Constructive Challenges in Your Life

15:52: Major Takeaways from Being on the World’s Top 50 Realtors

19:32: Creating 35 Streams of Revenue

26:42: Reverse Engineering

28:51: Creating an A-Team

32:12: Rock on Influence

37:32: Biggest Challenge as an Influencer


Contact Info:

Instagram: @rockthomas

Facebook: @RockThomasOfficial


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