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Ep.498 ~ From 8-Figures to 9-Figures & Becoming Remote ~ Patrick Comer


~ High-Performance Entrepreneurship ~

Lucid is a question and answers ecosystem, that connects data results with companies in the marketplace, so agencies, brands, and other organizations that need survey responses can connect directly with suppliers who provide those respondents. It is a genius idea and today on the show we have the founder of Lucid, Patrick Comer.


 If you guys remember recently we interviewed Richard Koch the author of The 8020 Principle, and he talks about Uber as a network business.  Airbnb is also a network business. These network businesses are connecting the business with clients very easily by just having an app or platform to connect them. It has proven to be an incredibly lucrative and very successful business model in today's online driven world.  

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03:54 Who is Patrick Comer?

06:15 Patrick's Journey into Tech

10:16 Building Lucid

13:14 7-Figure Mindset VS 8-Figure Mindset

16:54 Patrick on Hiring

19:26 Lucid in the Next Decade

30:46 Maintaining Work/Life Balance

38:50 Patrick on Remote Work Culture

45:40 High-Performance Tips for Habit Building

53:12 Where to Find Patrick Comer?

Contact Info:


Patrick on Twitter: @comerpatrick

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