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Ep.134 ~ Facebook vs. Trump vs. US. Govt. ~ Omer Bar

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"I think Facebook knows more about people today than the American government.”

Omer Bar

In this episode, we have the founder of FB Lab, Omer Bar on the show. FB Lab is a marketing community for Hebrew speakers that is based mainly in Israel. Omer specializes in Facebook ads, sales funnels, membership sites, and running profitable webinars.

Before we start today we wanted to tell you this was one of the most interesting topics and interviews we have had on the podcast. Omer and I explore the power and depth of Facebook and what type of technology Facebook is using and will be using in the future. We talk about the influence Facebook has and whether it is more powerful than the US Government. We talk about how Donald Trump used Facebook to win the presidential election, how Facebook is the largest connected network of humans in the history of the world….and we talk a little bit about how you can use this for your business too. 

At the time of the interview, Omer was literally calling in from an island in Thailand so we have to apologize, there are some spots where the connection is weak and has a bit of background noise. We are confident that you will be so engaged in this topic that it won’t bother you too much. And with that….let’s jump into the podcast!

“Donald Trump created the most successful digital voter suppression operation in history” Omer Bar

11:05: Most important things to have before you start Facebook advertising and the keys to a profitable Facebook advertising. 

18:00: Facebook Advertising financial strategy.

20:28: Omer’s two most successful strategies to build his membership site.

24:06: How Donald Trump Used Facebook to Win the Election. 

34:42: Does Facebook have more power than the U.S. Government?

50:54: Omer and Chris Outtakes ~ CIA’s access to your personal life, Edward Snowden

“Facebook passed YouTube as the #1 video platform” Omer Bar

Contact Info:



Twitter: @omer_bar

Honorable Mentions:

‘The Four Hour Work Week’ Tim Ferriss

Dave Huss founder of


How Trump used FB to sway the election. 

‘Snowden’ the movie


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