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Ep.261 ~ 28 Year Old Entrepreneur Selling Over $20 Million on Amazon ~ Nathan Hirsch

~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100

7- Figure Location-Independent Entrepreneurs 


On the show today, we have a 28 year old serial entrepreneur who started out selling books online in his college dorm room. Over a short period of time, he created an Amazon business that sold over $20 million in the marketplace managing over 500,000 products and working with over 1,000 dropshipping suppliers. His name is Nathan Hirsch.


Today we dive into Nathan’s story, how he has created so much success and his business Currently, FreeeUp services over 2,000 online businesses and will hit around $3-4 million this year. Nathan also founded a monthly bookkeeping service for Ecommerce Sellers/agencies and where he teaches his hiring processes. On the show, Nathan also shares some great tips on building a 7-figure business, hiring remote workers, and discuss the future of Amazon. 



“Drop shipping is a lot of quality assurance.” Nathan Hirsch



01:12: Who is Nathan Hirsch?

05:47: Management and Leadership Tips on Running an Online Business with 500,000 Products

09:46: Hiring a Large Team of Remote Workers

11:38: Nathan on Delegation Growth

13:03: Where is Amazon Headed in the Next 5 Years?

14:53: Amazon US vs. Amazon UK

15:54: Key Tips on Building a 7-Figure+ Digital Business?

17:55: What Nathan’s Typical Day is Like

20:17: The Importance of Diversification in Business

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Skill Sets Rates for FreeeUp

Video testimonial on FreeeUp from Ben Cummings

How FreeeUp Works Infographic

Free Up Your Business: 50 Secrets to Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies



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