M3 Mastermind

~Curated Masterminds for High-Performing Entrepreneurs~

Money has shifted since we stepped into a pandemic driven economic downturn.

If you position yourself correctly now, then next few years can literally be the most prosperous years of your life. We are coming together as established entrepreneurs to make sure we are all set up to win and help others along the way!

“Life is all about experiences & who you experience life with. The M3 crew is unbelievable! I have learned so much every time I talk with them. I look forward to the adventures we get to do together, & the growth & expansion of our businesses. I highly recommend you come to any event that they do, meet the people that they surround themselves with so you can grow and create fulfillment in your life!” Christan Hiscock, Serial Entrepreneur & Founder of Kardia Financial Group

What's Happening?

Since the spread of the COVID-19 the world has changed, we have stepped into one of the largest economic shifts in the history of the world, and the business landscape is uncertain. There are some businesses that are flourishing right now because they have positioned themselves correctly to catch money in the new economy.  

Now is the time we need to come together as entrepreneurs and not just survive, but to set our businesses up to 'WIN' on the back side of this epidemic. You can literally brand your business as the rock that people leaned on during the chaos. Not only that, but if you position your business correctly, this time right now can be the most profitable few years of your life. To be successful at this, we also need to lean on one another to make sure we are taking the right steps.

In a crisis there are three things that can happen...

  • Failure

  • Survival

  • Thriving & Coming

Back Stronger

Set yourself up to make 2021 your best year ever!

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“Being a part of M3 has helped me upgrade not only my businesses but my life. It's a great group to be around, & they are teaching me to push my limits past the point that is comfortable to get to the next level in my life & in my businesses.” Ray Blakney, Founder of LiveLingua & Podcast Hawk

Mastermind Details

Who is it for?

Established entrepreneurs with a minimum of $500,000 annual revenue in their businesses. We are a community of entrepreneurs that operate form a collaborative growth mindset who are humble enough to seek support from each other during challenging times so they can maximize the value they share with their customers and clients.

You also must be comfortable having your thought process challenged in order to find what is true and what is necessary in order to get you and your business towards your goals.

Check out our podcast 'Why We Are Building a High-Level Mastermind Community'

“M3 Mastermind is a great experience. I’ve met really cool people, very successful, super smart, & I am learning so much from each one of them. I love being a member and I can’t wait for more!”  Nathan Liao, Founder of CMA Academy

Meet Your Facilitators

Chris Reynolds

Adam Anderson

Adam has been an entrepreneur for nearly two decades and was the primary investor or founder for 21 startups. Five of those companies are still going strong!


Adam been in the cybersecurity space for 20 years, and recently had a multi-million dollar exit from one of his businesses.  He has published 5 books on business, cybersecurity and/or emotional intelligence. He is a member of the British Virgin Island Accelerator with Richard Branson, and has been a cybersecurity advisor to the Prime Minister of Bhutan. 

Chris Reynolds, M.B.A is a lifestyle entrepreneur, high-performance tactician, international keynote speaker & founder of The Business Method & Get Shit Done Live.


Chris has created 10 international business accelerators while interviewing nearly 400 successful entrepreneurs & high-performers on his podcast. He is an international keynote speaker, an official juror of the Global Startup Awards in 2019,  & currently, Chris focuses on helping entrepreneurs get to the top of their game in businesses & life.