Ep.288 ~ Getting a 120 Podcast Interviews in 120 Days ~ Liam Martin Part 1

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100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue



Welcome to the show ladies and gentlemen we are glad you are here with us today because we have another exciting guest we want to introduce. Liam Martin is joining us today! Liam is the founder of two 7-figure location independent businesses, staff.com, timedoctor.com. He is also the founder of the Running Remote conference that is held in Bali.


Liam hopped on the show with us and gave so much valuable content that we divided the interview into two podcast episodes, the second episode will be published next! On the show today, Liam discusses what it was like building two 7-figure businesses simultaneously with remote teams. We then start chatting about Liam's goal of getting on 120 podcasts in 120 days. Being that created 100 podcasts in 100 days we got into a great discussion about tactics we both used to make this happen. Later in the show, we discuss how Liam used these podcasts to build his conference. Make sure to check out this episode!


“I’m content, but contentment doesn’t necessarily mean I’m happy. Happiness is eating a pizza. Contentment is going to the gym to stay healthy, and that doesn’t include eating a pizza!” Liam Martin


02:43: Liam on Ottawa, Canada

05:42: Who is Liam Martin?

07:07: Building Two Tech Businesses Simultaneously

11:19: Getting on 120 Podcasts in 120 Days

19:48: Using Podcasts Appearances to Grow a Conference

24:49: What the Podcasting World Needs Based on Liam’s Podcasting Experience



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DNX Festival



Jesse Elder



The D.C. (Dynamite Circle)



Dry Farm Wines



Alex Brown, co-founder of Dollar Beard Club



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