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Ep.550 ~ 10 Years on NavySEAL Team 3 Leading 200+ Missions w/ 100% Success Rate ~ Larry Yatch

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~ High-Performance & Entrepreneurship ~

A graduate of the US Naval Academy and former ten-year officer in the Navy SEALs who served with distinction on SEAL Team 3 is on the podcast today. He has a 100% success rate at leading and planning over 200 of the most challenging missions in the world’s most intense environments.


Larry Yatch is an elite leadership strategist and the creator of the SEAL Success Programs, a collection of skills-based training, workshops, and courses that enable high performers to find fulfillment, connect with their teams, and make a sustainable impact in their field. On top of that, he is developing a neuroscience-based training program to help people reach new heights and achieve their potential as a leader. He has reversed-engineered the behaviors that make the SEALs the most elite and connected teams on the planet and applied them to dozens of business settings.

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   00:00   Intro

   01:07    The Fighter Pilot's Dream Story

   03:10     Larry’s Structure and Discipline in Fulfilling his Dream

   07:40     Self-Regulation as the Core Driver of Success and Failure

   12:20     Most Successful Seal Experience Trauma

   14:22     Building the Power of Self-Regulation

   21:18    The Pattern Recognition of the Brain

   25:50     Self Regulation as a Piggy Bank

   28:40     Example of Self Regulation for the NavySEALs

   34:32     The Ability to Coordinate with Others

   44:07     Larry’s Way in Expressing Love

   48:16     The Self-Healing Process

   52:48     Creating a System to Change the Neuro Linguistic Programming in Your Brain

   58:20     Trauma is a Lesson

01:01:56  Post Traumatic Stress

01:03:23  How to Hack Trauma

01:08:00  Reach out and Learn more about Larry and his Book

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