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Ep.419 ~ Building The Pitch | One of the Most Popular Business Podcasts in the World ~ Josh Muccio

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Hey listeners, I got the exciting opportunity to hop on the mic with the founder and host of The Pitch Podcast, Josh Muccio.  The Pitch is one of the top podcasts out there today on business and entrepreneurship. The Pitch features entrepreneurs in need of funding and they get to “pitch” a panel of investors. Very much like Shark Tank but, it is a real show where entrepreneurs pitch real investors for real money. 


We got to talk with Josh for well over an hour about how he started The Pitch and kept growing it even after having fifty-five shows with zero investments. Finally, he got the first investment on the show and everything changed from that moment on. Not too long after, Gimlet Media acquired Josh’s podcast, which then eventually led to Spotify purchasing Gimlet for over $200 million. This has changed everything for Josh as a professional podcaster and creative entrepreneur.  Now, The Pitch has been named the best business podcast on startup life by Fortune magazine and it is one of the top rated business podcasts in the world!


On the show today we chat with Josh about how he got his start as an entrepreneur and podcaster, his first failing podcast and the idea to create The Pitch. We talk a lot about what is making podcasts successful today, we share some methods of what works when building a successful podcast, and where we think the podcast world is headed in the next few years. We also touch a bit on influence and how Josh manages his influence as a top podcaster. 

    2:19: Who is Josh Muccio?

    8:47: The Humble Beginnings of The Pitch

   15:01: The Trials & Errors of Podcasting

   22:54: How Josh Landed Sponsorship for The Pitch

   27:44: Josh on Landing His First $350,000 Investment

   30:26: Gimlet Media Acquisition

   33:36: Josh On Staying True To Yourself as a Creator

   40:24: The Pitch in 5 Years

   43:45: The Current State of The Podcast Industry

   47:41: Josh On Achieving Balance As A Podcaster

   54:17: Podcast Technology Trends on Apple, Spotify and Google

1:00:10: Josh On Managing His Influence

1:07:36: Josh on Personal & Professional Growth

1:14:30: Where to Find Josh Muccio

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