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Ep.256 ~ A 7-Figure Entrepreneur That Is Transparent With His Finances ~ Johnny FD

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100 Interviews with 100

7- Figure Location-Independent Entrepreneurs 

“So for me, it has always been about how much not only you are making net profit, but also how much you save.” Johnny FD



Are you transparent with your business financial statements?  More and more entrepreneurs are starting to show how well or how poorly they are doing. They believe that it is essential to help other entrepreneurs grow.  A few to name are Pat Flynn from Smart Passive income, John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur On Fire, Buffer with their open salary policy and Johnny FD from Travel Like a Boss Podcast.


Today we get to talk with one of those entrepreneurs, Johnny FD. Johnny has had quite a bit of business growth in the past five years going from $600/month to over $300,000+ profit. He shares about this growth one month at a time on his blog Today, we get behind the entrepreneur that chooses to be transparent with his business. On top of that, Johnny has helped Chiang Mai become one of the digital nomad capitals of the world, started two successful podcasts and kept a work/life balance full of lots of success and lots of adventure.



“I’ll work a lot for two to three months, then I’ll do almost nothing for two to three months and just travel.” Johnny FD



01:34: Why Johnny Loves Ukraine?

04:51: Balancing Growth Modes vs Passive Modes

05:52: Who is Johnny FD?

09:00: Johnny Writing His First Book ‘12 Weeks in Thailand - The Good Life on the Cheap’

09:44: Why Johnny Believes in Being Completely Transparent With His Business Finances

12:27: Going From $600/month to $30,000/month

15:04: Rich vs. A High Paying Job

17:28: Johnny’s Thoughts on Current Investments


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