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Get Shit Done Live ~ Thailand 2020

GSD Live 2020 has been cancelled due to COVID-19

Stay healthy and focused we will be back soon!

"I was thinking about skipping this year but then I reflected on last year's GSD. Those FB ads I started rolling out at the event have since snowballed into $170k in direct sales!  So I think I'll be back." Dave Sheffield

Cancelled for 2020...we'll be back soon

10 Days of High-Performance Productivity,

Targeted Collaboration, and Focused Execution

If you have been craving an environment where you can excel at getting A LOT done for your business in a short amount of time while collaborating with other established entrepreneurs…then join us for a 10-Day high-performance productivity sprint designed for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs to get real tangible results and to bottom-line help you make money!

“My first three-day productivity session I created a funnel that produced mid-5 figures in revenue. My second productivity session one week later I created a course that produced $25,000. It was literally like six-months of work in two-weeks!” Omer Bar, Founder of Facebook Lab
"Every single thing I worked on at Get Shit Done Live has now made me over $40,000."
Willo Sana Transformational Business Coach for Entrepreneurs

The Event

"It's like 6 months of work in 10-days!"

Imagine spending an extended period of time at a private location in Thailand collaborating to complete some of your most IMPORTANT PROJECTS with other established entrepreneurs! 

From Oct. 24rd to Nov. 2nd. we will be spending 10 days at a private location 



It is as simple as that…this was created for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. There is magic that happens when brilliant minds come together to push one another towards rapid productivity, high collaboration, and targeted execution.


The Schedule

  • Day 1: Intros and Brain Dump – Put all the things you want to implement in the next 10 days on paper and get ready for our first 3-day productivity session!

  • Day 2: 10:00 am Start 3-Day Productivity Session and 6:00 pm Check-in

  • Day 3: 10:00 am and 6:00pm Check-in

  • Day 4: 10:00 am Check-in 6:00pm Check-in

  • Day 5: Open Day/Skill Exchange Day and Guest Speaker on Using Productivity to Build a 7-figure Business

  • Day 6: 10:00 am Start 2nd Productivity Session and 6:00 pm Check-in

  • Day 7: 10:00 am Start 2nd Productivity Session and 6:00 pm Check-in

  • Day 8: 10:00 am Check-in and 6:00 pm Check-in and Rapid Round

  • Day 9: 10:00 am Check-in and 6:00 pm Results

  • Day 10: Closing Events

Day-to-day you interact with other entrepreneurs that are very driven and smart business people. Spending a long amount of time with them alters your business and your mentality about business. Goals are set, new businesses are formed, new partnerships will develop, greater profits margins are achieved, and the productivity skyrockets for those at the event! 

Photo Oct 23, 13 26 25.jpg
"My ROI right now is super high, around 450%. I would say I made around $12,000 from the sales at this event." Eduardo Borges, founder of Partners Factory
Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 3.06.44 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 4.01.42 PM.png
I've already decided, to getaway next year and spend another 10 days at Get Shit Done Live. I'll be here for sure!" Andy Steven, co-founder of High-Voltage SEO and Page Optimizer


The Get Shit Done Live location is in the beautiful northern Thai city of Chiang Mai. It is one of the most cultural places to visit in Thailand and known as one of the world's easiest cities to live. On location we have a private coworking/meeting room, high-speed wifi, restaurant, cafe, a gym and pool on location. The event takes place within walking distance to many of the cities best restaurants, shopping, cafes and nightlife. It is also just a few minute drive to be in nature exploring the mountains and waterfalls in the area. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 7.53.51 AM.png
GSD Group 2.jpg
"My experience has been awesome. It has been some of the most productive time I have had in a loooonnng time....just the structure of the event is pretty amazing. It has been a real driver for me to get things done!" Derek Pankeaw founder of Flexr Travel Pullup Bar
A Derek (30).jpg
Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 3.15.59 PM.png
Because of GSD Live we had our highest month ever hitting $25k in one month. I'll come next year again for sure!" Aakash Bansal, eComm Entrepreneur for a Consumer Electronics Brand in India


10 Days of High-Performance Productivity w/ other Established Entrepreneurs and...

✅ Productivity Workshops

✅ Collaboration Exercises

✅ Focus Techniques

✅ High-Speed Wifi

✅ Meeting Room

✅ Skill Exchange

✅ Masterminds

For the 10 days is just a whopping.... $697....but make sure to get your Early Bird Ticket ASAP for $100 discount

That's it! 10 days for $697 USD!


But wait there is more....


Since we are in such an amazing place with such amazing people why not stay on location with us and stay for the month?


Each year, about 70% of the attendees decided to stay on location, hang out after the event, continue to work together and build business, while eating amazing Thai food, visiting ancient temples, going to elephant parks, getting Thai massages and enjoying the best the country has to offer. The accommodation prices are for the 10-days of the event, but because the location only rents rooms for a minimum of 4-weeks, as an extra bonus you can stay up to a month on location in the same room for no additional cost!

Studio Suite Including:

  • Studio Suite bedroom for the month w/private bath on location 

  • One ticket to the 10-day event ($697 value)

  • Meeting room workspace for the event 

  • Pool access 

  • Gym access

  • Upgraded high-speed wifi for the month 

  • Airport pick-up

$1697.00 USD

1-Bed Suite Deluxe Including:

  • 1 Bedroom Suite bedroom for the month w/private bath on location 

  • One ticket to the 10-day event ( $697 value)

  • Meeting room workspace for the event 

  • Pool access 

  • Gym access

  • Upgraded high-speed wifi for the month 

  • Airport pick-up 

$2267.00 USD


*We also have 2 bedroom options for those traveling with partners, families or teams.

Early Bird Prices $597

*More questions? Shoot us a message here

Still Curious if You Should Say on Location?

We recommend it!

After five years of running events here we have found that those that stay on location usually have a better experience for a few reasons. 

There is less friction deciding where to stay and then commuting to the event everyday. You won't have to walk, drive, bike or taxi across town to come to the workshops everyday.


There is a lot of networking and collaborating that happens when on location that you might miss out on if you stay off location. This time commuting around town can take away from you accomplishing your goals and getting things done while here. 

You also won't have tot spend your time and stress looking for a place to stay that fits your needs. You can book an Airbnb and will end up spending a similar amount. If you book a room for more than a couple weeks, most places require that you transfer money to them before you arrive and then again pay an equal amount for a deposit. It is a bit of a hassle and something that is easy to avoid by staying on location with us.  We take care of the details for your arrival and room. You won't have to worry about navigating yourself around town, arranging transportation and figuring out all the small to-do's like where to eat, finding the supermarket and restaurants, and where to hang out. 

Our accommodation option provides you with pool and gym access, towels, soap, and shampoo. We also upgrade your rooms wifi to the strongest wifi possible, because relying on a hotel, or Airbnb wifi in Thailand is never guaranteed.  This way when you work form your room, you won't have any problems. 

All you have to do is arrive at the airport, we will have a driver waiting for you to bring you the event. It's a very comfortable arrival so you can rest and save your energy for Get Shit Done!

"We got two new product ideas launched, we redesigned our website, and we got so much shit done!" Esther Jacobs, Author of 23 books and International Speaker
Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 2.01.07 PM.png

"I needed to be around this group of people to motivate me. I was able to start a lot of things that I had been putting off for a long time. It really accelerated my learning by being around people who had done it before." Nathan Rose, Author and Cryptocurrency investor

"I think the accountability is really important. Looking people in the eyes in the morning, and saying 'I'm going to do this' and then working your butt off to achieve it. Matt Kowalak, Founder of High Cappin and Agile Travel Bag
Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 3.03.31 PM.png
"It's so much about focus and productivity, I got so much work done and I made a lot of money. It really motivates you big-time to get stuff done" Niels Bosman founder of Happy Vegan 
"No one judges others here. I really love it, I really love that there was such a productive atmosphere with everyone working together to accomplish their goals." Greg Swierad, Founder of Habit Coach
Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 4.24.11 PM.png
"It was an environment that was really conducive to productivity. We had to set a goal that we were going to accomplish and we were accountable to the entire group. Setting that goal and having us stick to it let us get around with over-perfection, It was extremely helpful!" Sean Casey, Crypto Investor and Co-Founder of Store Science
It's been great to be accountable on a daily basis for producing what I say I am going to produce. The crunch time and the urgency got us to figure things out much more rapidly and really helped me work with my business partner more effectively" Olivia Solero founder of Cannabis Stack and Content Marketer
Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 4.41.58 PM.png
"The best part was the accountability factor. There was a strong focus on making things happen, and without that, we would have not been nearly productive." Matt Nguyen, Co-Founder of
"The structure of Get Shit Done Live has been really beneficial for all of us. The accountability of the people that you are surrounding yourself with enables you to stay focused. Chapin Krueter, Founder of Surf Progression Techniques
Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 4.01.42 PM.png
"I'm a productivity theorist, but my implementation sucks! I try hacks all the time, but usually they don't last 24 hours. Given the environment here, with the support network and the structure I was really able to stick to the framework of being productive, and that produced enormous results for me." Andy Steven, co-founder of High-Voltage SEO and Page Optimizer
"I think coming to Get Shit Done Live is for anyone that wants to get a lot of work done in an accelerated way that would normally take months to finish."
Olivia Solero founder of Cannabis Stack and Content Marketer
"To sum this up, I want to say how grateful I am for Get Shit Done Live. When you put so many ambitious and cool people in one place, and organize productivity sessions, magic happens. It was awesome!" Kamil Kaminski, Founder of 80/20 Boost
Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 3.03.31 PM.png
"If you have an idea and feel like your next move has got to be your best move, coming to GSD will be a game changer!" Matt Kowalak, Founder of High Cappin and Agile Travel Bag

"Chris has been my coach for the past 12 months. After meeting Chris at Get Shit Done Live, I started getting the benefits of his productivity coaching. He has a great way of making me believe in myself, by setting ambitious goals and going after them. One year ago, I couldn’t get a single sales call for coaching in 8 days. The last 2 days of GSD Live, I got 7 sales calls. With his coaching support, over the past year, I have had 600 sales calls and over 120 career coaching clients. I can truly say that without Chris’ support this year, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Today, my income is 4x what I was making before at my last full-time job." Tom Kent founder of CareerNerds

Get Your Early Bird Ticket for $597

*More questions? Shoot us a message here

"A huge part of GSD Live was the people and the community. You get to access this knowledge and insight from the brilliant minds that were there!"
 Willo Sana Transformational Business Coach for Entrepreneurs

*More questions? Shoot us a message here

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