Ep.277 ~ Digital Detox Camp ~ Brazil 2018

Hey listeners, thanks for tuning in once again. We have a special episode today where we chat about our upcoming event...Digital Detox Camp coming this Feb. 2018 in Brazil.  We are joined by four incredible people, three of which are co-producers of the camp June Bui, Marcelle Bottini, and Jeremy Ginsburg. In the middle of the show, Ana Marques joins us. Ana might be considered a professional digital detoxer spending up to 3 months at a time offline. We caught up with her while she was on six-month adventure working on farms in SE Asia just using the internet once or twice a week.  She is currently writing a book about digital detoxing and we got some insight on how powerful these experiences can be. We first chat first with Jeremy and June to learn why digital detoxes are so important and what are some of the activities that will happen at the camp.  And last but certainly not least we speak with the mastermind behind the event Marcelle Bottini as she shares about the campgrounds and some specific details on what to expect during the event.

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