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Ep.205 ~ Hitting High 6-Figures in 2 Years & Zero Inbox Hacks ~ Dan Schwartz

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100 Interviews in 100 Days w/ Entrepreneurs That Make Over $100k per Year

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“People really don’t care about how their problems are being solved, they just care about their problems being solved at all.” Dan Schwartz

On the show today, Dan Schwartz the founder of InvestorFuse joins us to tell us about the recent rapid growth of his business. Dan used to be a touring musician for a funk band and decided to leave that life to pursue his long-term dream of entrepreneurship. Two years ago, he created a SAAS business for real estate investors called InvestorFuse and it has nearly hit seven figures.

Dan shares with us about how he grew the company so fast, what he is doing in year two compared to the first year. How he decided to control the growth of the business to perfect internal systems and he will also share some fun tips on maintaining zero inbox freedom.

“It (InvestorFuse) was 100% controlled growth, and the reason why I wanted to go with controlled growth, is so we can dial in our internal team systems through that first year.” Dan Schwartz

01:52: Dan’s Story

07:42: Achieve Zero Inbox Freedom

12:50: Growing InvestorFuse

17:56: InvetorFuse’s Growth Fluctuations

19:39: Year 2 Growth vs Year 1

22:07: Biggest Lessons from Handling Rapid Growth From InvestorFuse


Honorable Mentions:


‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki




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