Corona Crisis Masterminds

~A Free 5 Week Guided Mastermind ~

If you position yourself correctly your business can literally be the rock that people rely on during this crisis. We are coming together as entrepreneurs to make sure we not only survive but we come out ahead!

Facilitated By: 

Former Special Forces & Crisis Management Expert

Itamar Marani


Specialist & Podcaster 

Chris Reynolds

What's Happening?

We need to face reality, since the spread of the COVID-19 Corona Virus the world has changed, and so has our businesses. There are some businesses that are flourishing right now, but unfortunately most are not. If you haven't felt the hit to your business yet, chances are you will very soon and it will be significant. Many entrepreneurs are worrying if they can even make it through the next few months. 

 Now is the time we need to come together as entrepreneurs and not just survive, but to set our businesses up to 'WIN' on the back side of this epidemic. You can literally brand your business as the rock that people leaned on during the chaos. To be successful at this, we also need to lean on one another to make sure we are taking the right steps to thrive right now. 

In a crisis there are three things that can happen...

  • Failure

  • Survival

  • Thriving & Coming

Back Stronger

To reduce the chances of failure and increase the chances of success we will walk you through 5 steps...​​

  1. Stop the Bleeding

  2. Establish a Position

  3. Sieze Control 

  4. Contingency Planning

  5. Implementation

Meet Your Facilitators

Chris Reynolds


High-Performance Coach, Founder of The Business Method Podcast & Get Shit Done Live

Itamar Marani


Former Special Forces, 15 Years in Counter-Terrorism for the Israeli Government & Founder of Marani Consulting

Mastermind Details

Is it really free?

Yep, 100%....


....we will ask you for a $100 deposit to reserve your spot which will be returned to you when the mastermind is completed. We ask for this deposit, so that we know that everyone who shows up is serious. We are donating our time to entrepreneurs that need support right now, and we don't want anyone that won't take this seriously. 

Why is it Free?

We understand the pain of surviving a crisis.


Chris lost a business and rebuilt himself as an entrepreneur in the recession of 2008. Itamar has years of experience handling crises and helps companies create contingency plans and mission clarity systems that the elite Israeli Special Forces use. 

Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs who are humble enough to seek help from each other during a challenging times so that they can grow.

You also must be comfortable having your thought process challenged in order to find what is true and what is necessary in order to get you and your business towards your goals.

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