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Ep.176 ~ Flow State and Achieving Your Deepest Desires ~ Clay Green

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~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews in 100 Days with 100 Entrepreneurs That Have Built $100,000+ Businesses


“What your parents did…and how they made money affects how you see the world, how the 10% see the world versus the 90%.” Clay Green

 On today’s episode, we have the high-performance coach Clay Green on our show. Clay has coached hundreds of founders and entrepreneurs to grow their business dramatically. His biggest impact is helping individuals and small groups understand their fears and desires and then empower them to become leaders.

Today with Clay, we really dig into the state of flow. Clay had a jolting experience in his life which redefined the science and importance of flow-state and using it to achieve our most desired goals. Clay talks about this experience and really drills down the understanding of the state of flow. If you are into productivity and focus, check out this episode.

“My number one premise is think, do not react.” Clay Green

18:45: Three Foundational Requirements for the Optimal Flow-State

1. Meditation

2. Journal

3. Gratitude

19:45: Getting In and Out of Flowstate

24:05: The Four Stages of Flow

1. Struggle

2. Release

3. State of Flow

4. Recovery

“What can you do in order to be happy and excited about being confused?” Clay Green


Honorable Mentions:

‘The Rise of Superman’ by Steven Kotler

Pomodoro Technique

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