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Ep.381 ~ The Nomad Capitalist ~ Andrew Henderson


~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

Today listeners, my good friend, and co-host Noah Laith and I get to interview the Founder and CEO of Nomad Capitalist, Andrew Henderson. Andrew joins us on the mic to chat about how he legally reduced his global tax rate from 43% to joke! Andrew has had quite a bit of success as an entrepreneur from a very young age and when his businesses hit 8-figures he realized that the tax checks he was writing to the government were getting pretty large. Andrew then started out on a journey to save those taxes legally to maximize his wealth. Throughout the show, we also get to ask Andrew about some of the best overseas investments, second residencies and citizenships, banking around the world, how to maximize on the nomadic lifestyle, and how to build influence along the way!


02:52: Who is Andrew Henderson?

10:48: Strategies to Legally Reduce Your Global Tax Rate

13:38: Go Where You Are Treated Best

16:07: Countries Abroad to Incorporate

22:33: Getting Second Residencies and Citizenships

33:09: Living Abroad and Second Residencies w/ a Family

37:52: Growing a Business By Giving Content Away for Free

42:16: Tips on Growing Influence

50:34: Andrew’s Recommended Books


Contact Info:


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